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In My Vitamin Box: 5 Supplements To Add To Your Diet July 25, 2012

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Building good health, maintaining a strong immune system,   and keeping high energy levels throughout the day will not be achieved solely by exercise and adequate rest. Nutrition has an essential role in achieving these goals too. Although I refrain from eating junk food and began an exercise routine that suits my schedule, I still remain tired throughout the day and catch colds easily. After reflecting on my current lifestyle, I realized even though I pass on Five Guys for a homemade lunch at work and eat salads for dinner I am missing key minerals and vitamins in my diet. Therefore, I decided it is time for me to supplement my diet.

I understand some people may be against supplementation because truly all one needs to do is have a well balanced nutritious diet. However in our busy society, many people do not have time to create balanced meal plans for the week. Instead we rely on quick-and-simple recipes and the familiar. Being creatures of habit, we sometimes unintentionally create voids in our diet that can affect our every day behaviors. To add to this scenario, the amount of people with allergies and intolerances are significantly higher than in the past. Additionally, more people are seeking alternative eating lifestyles(i.e. vegetarianism, veganism). Supplementation is a great way to fill in the gaps and get your body working at its full potential.

With plenty of minerals and vitamins to choose from, you may not know where to start if you want to begin nutrition supplementation. Plus, the price tag of starting a routine may be expensive and overwhelming. Therefore, I narrowed it down to the top 5 supplements I believe I need. Click through the pages to read about my choices and their effects on the body.


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Sally’s UpDo Secret July 18, 2012

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I have very thick, curly, long hair. I hate love wearing my hair in updos. HOWEVER, the process is a PAIN because no matter what style of hair or bobby pins I use, they either:

  1. 1. Don’t secure the section… causing me to add 5+ pins to hold one section. End Result =  FABULOUS Updo = Scalp Pain & Irritation.
  2. Snag my hair… the long pins violently attack me awkwardly bend yanking my hair.
  3. Lose black coating over time… this TOTALLY defeats the purpose of being a ninja blending in with my hair. Seriously?!! What is the purpose of having different hair pin colors if they all turn silver after repeated use.
  4. Lose the protective tip cover… who wants to scratch the skin off their scalps to acheive the perfect updo?? *looks around room and sees no volunteers*
  5. Lose their shape…UGH!! Go back and read #1!!

On top of all that frustration, why do the manufactures insist to give you bobby or hair pins slided onto a flimsy piece of cardboard!!


Well to all you girls who love to wear updos… I have the answer to your prayers:



First Day of Work July 16, 2012

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I woke up at 6:30am dreaming about my alarm ringing… 3 minutes later, I realized MY ALARM IS RINGING!! I decided that I will start at 8am, not knowing the key people that will get me settled into the office environment arrives around 9am. As I waited around, I was curious where my desk OR EVEN BETTER my office would be located. (more…)


Hello world! July 13, 2012

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Hello World!!

This is my place to document the thoughts, opinions, and knowledge Within My Eclectic Mind. I have always been a person full of many different interests and random facts. I wanted to start a blog that will allow me to keep in touch with the many friends I have around the world.