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First Day of Work July 16, 2012

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I woke up at 6:30am dreaming about my alarm ringing… 3 minutes later, I realized MY ALARM IS RINGING!! I decided that I will start at 8am, not knowing the key people that will get me settled into the office environment arrives around 9am. As I waited around, I was curious where my desk OR EVEN BETTER my office would be located.

After filling out new employee paperwork, I asked my boss what will I be working on only to find out I will be working back in the company’s lab where I interned previously. I will be working over here temporarily, so I can still day dream about my office over at headquarters. How long until I get there…? I don’t know!

Things at my desk:
Old printing calculator
Blank brown bulletin board creating a makeshift office wall
Shabby computer speakers
A floppy disk *yes… I mentioned the dinosaur*
Random paper and documents of unknown origins

My goal for the next few weeks…. give my desk some personality.



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