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Sally’s UpDo Secret July 18, 2012

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I have very thick, curly, long hair. I hate love wearing my hair in updos. HOWEVER, the process is a PAIN because no matter what style of hair or bobby pins I use, they either:

  1. 1. Don’t secure the section… causing me to add 5+ pins to hold one section. End Result =  FABULOUS Updo = Scalp Pain & Irritation.
  2. Snag my hair… the long pins violently attack me awkwardly bend yanking my hair.
  3. Lose black coating over time… this TOTALLY defeats the purpose of being a ninja blending in with my hair. Seriously?!! What is the purpose of having different hair pin colors if they all turn silver after repeated use.
  4. Lose the protective tip cover… who wants to scratch the skin off their scalps to acheive the perfect updo?? *looks around room and sees no volunteers*
  5. Lose their shape…UGH!! Go back and read #1!!

On top of all that frustration, why do the manufactures insist to give you bobby or hair pins slided onto a flimsy piece of cardboard!!


Well to all you girls who love to wear updos… I have the answer to your prayers:

Sally Beauty Supply Hair & Bobby Pins

They cost a tad more than the other brands. BUT here are the pros:

  • They don’t launch vicious attacks snag my hair or scratch my scalp. I have not had any awkward bending moments with long pins, nor lost any tip covers yet.
  • They won’t lose their shape. TRUST ME!!! CiCi my hair bends most pins out of shape on the 1st use. I never had this happened to me yet after multiple uses!
  • They are color fade/chip resistant. Mine are still ALL black
  • Comes with a metal storage container to securely store your pins.

Spend a few extra bucks, save your sanity! Don’t be cheap! Buying 50 pins that you will be useless or you will lose in 2 weeks is cR@Zy!! Go to your nearest Sally Beauty Supply and grab a pack ASAP. You won’t be disappointed!! If you are… Sally Beauty Supply has a guarantee. *Oh you know I asked before I purchased them!* Basically, if you don’t like the product bring it back and get your MONEY back.


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