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Congrats Barack Obama! POTUS! November 9, 2012

Congratulations to President Barack Obama for being re-elected for #2TERMS. I am excited to get to have 4 more years with the Obama Family in the White House. I look forward to President Obama next term and the progress he can bring to the USA. #FORWARD Change takes time. I never gave up on him during his first term, and I will continue to support during his second!


Flirting Etiquette 101: Approaching “The Group”: November 5, 2012

My friends and I were in the local Giant buying raw veggies for our stir-fry & wine for our movie night. As I was looking at the wine display of some “Store Favorites” this man asked one of my girls “Do you know anything about wine?”. I laughed inside my head because I was the one looking at the wines, while she stood there waiting for me. She politely responded “Not much at all.” I then volunteered my expertise expanding wine knowledge to help him. 

What occasion are you buying a bottle?
My mother. It is for her birthday present. She really likes wine.
Oh, really! How sweet. Do you know what kind she likes?
No. Not really.
Does she typically drink reds or whites?
She drinks reds.
Okay, normally people who are red wine drinkers have a more “sophisticated” palate for wines. She would probably prefer at least a medium body wine. So let’s play it safe and aim for one of those. Do you know if she like red blends? I love this one blend, Apothic Red.

So after our dialog, MY our search for Apothic Red began. We started to the wine aisle to look at the store’s entire wine selection. When we got there, the man immediately had the nerve to  doubt my wine selecting abilities. Uhm, excuse me sir, asking Mr. Giant Stock Boy his suggestions about wine will not help you much. This isn’t Whole Foods. He asked the stock person for help, but received bad advice. The super market guy immediately pointed him to fruity, sweet white wines when the man mentioned it was for his mother. Of course, I shot all suggestions down saying “His mother is a red wine drinker, she will probably NOT like any of those Moscatos or Reislings you are suggesting. Have you seen Apothic Red?”

Anywhoot… the man finally found a bottle (based on looks LOL) and asked me what I thought of  the red he selected… a bottle of Mirrasou Merlot. I informed him that Merlot will be a great option because it is medium-body. Unlike Zifandel which is full-body and very dry, Merlot would be a safe choice. I also mentioned the bottle is pretty and sophisticated. He of course responded with “Yeah that’s why I picked it!” LMAO… I digress.

Before throwing a temper tantrum that I still couldn’t find the Apothic Red parting ways, he then turned to my girl to tell her “You are so beautiful! Do you have a boyfriend?” She replied “Yes”. He then said, “Well that’s great. He is lucky.” Then the NINJA had the audacity to turn to my other girl and me and say in an insincere-EX POST FACTO-rushed tone “Oh yeah! You two are both nice looking too. I just couldn’t holla at the whole group.” Walked away saying thanks to me and smiled at our friend.

Didn’t Cha Know- Erykah Badu November 3, 2012

Once again, another of my all time favorite artists. Erykah is real and eccentric. This song and video is simply perfect! It’s been many times I thought where in the world is all the time or I must have made a wrong turn somewhere. Seriously, when I come to a point where I need to sit and think about where my life is going this song helps me to do so. It’s been even more crucial as I make different life transitions.


In the Closet- Michael Jackson October 25, 2012

King of Pop… R.I.P. MJ.

I used to jam so hard to this song when I was little– even though I didn’t really understand what this song was about. The video is amazing– the sepia, the dancing, Naomi Campbell, the intimacy. I think MJ was sexy in this video. It’s definitely refreshing to be able to watch sexiness that isn’t the men with shirts off, 6 packs glistening, licking lips, surrounded by numerous females —-I digress! My point is this is classic sex to me.

PS-I find it funny that this video was banned in South Africa because it was too sexually provocative.


I’m black & I love the color nude & Rihanna too!!

There has been so much UPROAR from the black community over Rihanna’s new fragrance Nude, particularly regarding the advertisement campaign.

People are upset because according to Merriam-Webster nude is the “color of a white person’s skin” and Rihanna is not white! However, flipping through searching for the word “nude” in various online dictionaries, you will come across two type of definitions:

1. definition of physical state
2. definition of color

The first definition is inclusive of all humans. We all can be unclothed, naked, in-the-buff, bare *ssed… need I go on? However, the second definition is exclusive to minorities culturally insensitive because it only describes a color of Caucasian skin tones.

For the purpose of the rest of my opinion, I will use this definition of nude:

Nude [nood,nyood]
6. a sculpture, painting, etc., of a nude human figure.
7. an unclothed human figure.
8. the condition of being unclothed: to sleep in the nude.
9. a light grayish-yellow brownish-pink color.

Origin: 1525-35; < Latin nūdus

Source Dictionary.com

Since we speak the Queen’s English, AKA  a language created in a homogeneous white-ancient-Europe, why do we expect nude to encompass every possible skin shade? Historically, the context of the color nude is heavily tied to the skin tone of nudes used in European art. These paintings usually depicted rosy, pale, and beige naked women **Do you see the physical and color definition of nude at play here?** Hence, the cultural context guided in the attribution of the word nude to a brownish-pink color—a color typical of the nudes’ skin tone—which is non-coincidentally the color of the people of European descent. Therefore, it can be assumed that nude in fashion and art refers to a pink-beige tone. Perfume is marketed as fashion. Hence, for Rihanna’s perfume nude = pink-beige. The name of the perfume is clever because many women like a “sheer” scent, or a naked scent. Therefore, the marketing of this ad not only cleverly utilizes the fashion context of nude >color< but the >physical< context of nude naked.



The Fact Is (I Need You)- Jill Scott September 28, 2012

Jill Scott is by far one of my favorite artists. I can listen to all 4 of her studio albums straight through and relate to almost every emotion she sings about. I have always loved this song. BUT NOW I completely appreciate this song because I’m graduating Rice University with a Bioengineering, B.S., I’m smart, I’m beautiful, I’m resilient, self-sufficient, confident… I guess I’m what people would consider independent. However, I know the next time I fall in love, my man will appreciate that I’m all these things BUT know that I need him and love him at the same time too.


Uploading Posts From My Old Blogger Site

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I started many blogs in the past 4 years, but I never keep them updated. I don’t know why I find it so hard to do so. Eventually, I realized one blog that I would keep uploading constant new content… my music video log. I have a habit of watching the same great music videos over and over. I was so into this blog, uploading posts before VEVO started taking the videos off. VEVO really killed the purpose of YouTube. This time instead of me killing my blog, VEVO did it!! =(

Anyway, eventually after little generated blog activity I realized the videos were playing again. But since I started my blog on WordPress. I decided to just transfer the videos over here. ENJOY!