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Admire My Wine Rack February 11, 2013

Hello. My name is Xta and I love wine.

Funny Confession Ecard: Everyone's all like 'I love Obama' or 'I love Romney' and I'm just over here like'I love wine'....

My thoughts during the 2012 Presidential Elections. Now you know what I drank as I watched the debates after a long day at work.

If you don’t know me, you probably don’t know now you know I LOVE WINE… While in D.C. I purchased a beautiful wine rack from the Yard Sale at K & 9th St NW. The man who runs the Yard Sale is out there every week selling antiques, art, accent furniture. I guarantee you will be in the neighborhood and walk by and regret having cash in your pockets be ecstatic with all the items you will buy. While I was browsing I also purchased a red and black ceramic sushi dinner set for 2… I digress…

Seeming that I’m back in Houston, TX for graduate school and my stress levels are soaring, I finally decided to fill up my wine rack –PRAISE GOD FOR KROGERS BUY 6 BOTTLES OF WINE 10% OFF SAVINGS–

Wine Rack Selection

Here are the wines that I purchased:

1. Raven’s Wood Zinfandel- California 2010
2. Ménage á Trios Cabernet Sauvignon- California 2010
3. Blackstone Merlot- California 2010
4. Campo Viejo Rioja- Tempranillo 2010
5. Apothic Red- California 2011
6. Graffigna Pinot Grigio- Argentina 2011

I will be posting reviews and food pairings for each bottle later.

What are your favorite wines? What food do you like to pair with that wine? Are you a red or white wine drinker? Let me know!! We may be best wine friends!


Flirting Etiquette 101: Approaching “The Group”: November 5, 2012

My friends and I were in the local Giant buying raw veggies for our stir-fry & wine for our movie night. As I was looking at the wine display of some “Store Favorites” this man asked one of my girls “Do you know anything about wine?”. I laughed inside my head because I was the one looking at the wines, while she stood there waiting for me. She politely responded “Not much at all.” I then volunteered my expertise expanding wine knowledge to help him. 

What occasion are you buying a bottle?
My mother. It is for her birthday present. She really likes wine.
Oh, really! How sweet. Do you know what kind she likes?
No. Not really.
Does she typically drink reds or whites?
She drinks reds.
Okay, normally people who are red wine drinkers have a more “sophisticated” palate for wines. She would probably prefer at least a medium body wine. So let’s play it safe and aim for one of those. Do you know if she like red blends? I love this one blend, Apothic Red.

So after our dialog, MY our search for Apothic Red began. We started to the wine aisle to look at the store’s entire wine selection. When we got there, the man immediately had the nerve to  doubt my wine selecting abilities. Uhm, excuse me sir, asking Mr. Giant Stock Boy his suggestions about wine will not help you much. This isn’t Whole Foods. He asked the stock person for help, but received bad advice. The super market guy immediately pointed him to fruity, sweet white wines when the man mentioned it was for his mother. Of course, I shot all suggestions down saying “His mother is a red wine drinker, she will probably NOT like any of those Moscatos or Reislings you are suggesting. Have you seen Apothic Red?”

Anywhoot… the man finally found a bottle (based on looks LOL) and asked me what I thought of  the red he selected… a bottle of Mirrasou Merlot. I informed him that Merlot will be a great option because it is medium-body. Unlike Zifandel which is full-body and very dry, Merlot would be a safe choice. I also mentioned the bottle is pretty and sophisticated. He of course responded with “Yeah that’s why I picked it!” LMAO… I digress.

Before throwing a temper tantrum that I still couldn’t find the Apothic Red parting ways, he then turned to my girl to tell her “You are so beautiful! Do you have a boyfriend?” She replied “Yes”. He then said, “Well that’s great. He is lucky.” Then the NINJA had the audacity to turn to my other girl and me and say in an insincere-EX POST FACTO-rushed tone “Oh yeah! You two are both nice looking too. I just couldn’t holla at the whole group.” Walked away saying thanks to me and smiled at our friend.